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The Council of Ministers are currently having a meeting to discuss gradual return of normalcy in Kuwait. The current plans discussed by the Council of Ministers at its ongoing remotely and currently includes the following plans:


1- Shifting partial ban as per any one from 6 pm to 4 am or from 9 pm to 4 am

2 – Work in cooperative societies and all their branches will be resume from Sunday following strict health rules such as wearing masks and gloves and maintaining the spacing between people.

3-Commercial shops operations as before adhering to health conditions.

4- Allowing commercial complexes to resume work according to the terms of space so that each thousand square meters is allocated for 50 people only, provided per person is allowed for maximum of 2 hrs, strictly following health precautionary measures of wearing masks and gloves and maintaining spacing, work in restaurants and cafes within the complexes in the current period is not currently permitted.

5- Allow restaurants to cater by home delivery service.

6- The business return plan for employees begins with a reduction in working hours in the first periods and then gradually increase to full time as it was previous.
As for the numbers of employees, the first period begins with 25% of the total number of workers in the departments to be returned to work and then the number doubles until reaching the full number of employees.

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