1500 Expat Employees To Be Laid Off By Kuwait Airways

1500 Expat Employees To Be Laid Off By Kuwait Airways

1500 Expat Employees To Be Laid Off By Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways senior management of is decided to lay off 1500 expats out of a total of 6000, However, Kuwaiti citizens past the age of sixty will be exempted from the lay-offs.

Kuwait lawmakers calls to adopt a quota system for main expat communities in the country in a bid to balance the demographic structure. The draft law stipulates a certain percentage for the main expat communities in the country depending on its current size as the proposed percentage is from the Kuwaiti population of 1.4 million at present.

Kuwaiti Airways is gearing to implement a Kuwaitization plans in accordance with official directives, but operations were suspended after the government enforced precautionary measures to handle the spread of the coronavirus spread in March including shutting down flights to and from Kuwait.

Kuwaitis or Gulf citizens or married couples married to Kuwaiti women and vice versa are not included in termination list to ensure the rights of employees and preserve Kuwaiti families.

Kuwait Airways losses in the world are estimated to reach 314 billion dollars in the current year, the share of the Middle East region of which is about 24 billion, and there is a negative effect of the loss of 1.2 million jobs in the sector in the region.

The reduction in staff is made according to the requirements and needs of each department. For example, the Operations Department includes about 500 pilots (most of whom are Kuwaitis) and 1300 hosts and hostesses (most of them are expats).

During this difficult economy and precarious position of various companies in the sectors, the annual bonus was paid to workers during the past month despite the issues faced under the severe crisis affecting not only Kuwaiti airline, but all airlines in the world including the most important and largest companies in the region where austerity plans were announced including reducing employees and reducing the costs of airline operations.

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