Chinese Students Pay US20,000 To Flee On Private Jets

Chinese students pay US20,000 to flee on private jets

Chinese students are paying over US20,000 roughly 15 lakh Indian rupees for seats on private jets to leave US as flights have been grounded.

US-based Air Charter Service said it will fly passengers from US to China though its 14-seat Bombardier 6000 for $325,300 or about $23,000 for a spot.

US has reported nearly 55,000 coronavirus cases and over 780 deaths.

Chinese students from wealthy families are persuading their parents to pay tens of thousands of dollars for seats on private jets to get home.

The alternative, in a world of locked borders and grounded commercial planes, is 60 hour flights with multiple transit hops over the Pacific.

US-based Chinese students are scrambling to get home as US infections top 50,000 while new cases in China- where the flu like virus emerged in humans last year has fallen to zero.

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