COVID-19 Is Very Much There : PM Modi

COVID-19 is very much there : PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said, “COVID-19 is very much there and we cannot be complacent”

“Keep fighting by wearing masks and washing hands, take all other precaution”. Every life is precious”, he added.

“There is a link between respiratory problems and COVID-19. Hence, this Yoga Day, try to work on breathing exercises”

The PM also emphasized that the road ahead against the fight on COVID-19 is long because the country and world is fighting against a pandemic about which little was previously known and there was no cure of the disease.

Modi said that every Indian has played a part in the battle against covid-19 because everyone has suffered the losses, and we are all sad about it but it is the collective will and strength of the people that has minimised the losses.

Modi said India has managed to control the number of deaths due to covid-19.

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