Attempts made by workers on daily basis to escape Mahboula – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 1: The Ministry of Interior allowed those with valid permits from the people of this area to enter and and exit their work specially for the workers of Ministry of Health, security institutions, food companies etc in addition to water tankers and food suppliers.

At Security point checking permits

In extreme heat the Ministry of Interior men were doing their duty at the security spots in the region checking the security permits of the vehicles and searching all the transport vehicles, refrigerators and buses to prevent the smuggling of labor from the area.

A security source told that the Ministry of Interior is working in full swing to secure the area and to prevent the residents of the region from leaving without a security permit or entry for non-residents of the region.

He stated, “We suffer on a daily basis from workers who attempt to escape from the region through security barriers, but the security men are vigilant to lookout, and there are workers trying to sneak in the daylight to leave the region, despite the availability of all the necessities of life in the region, in addition to distributing the Crescent Society Al Ahmar and some charities for meals and food baskets on a daily basis”.

The source pointed out that “The total isolation of the area does not mean a total prohibition of curfew, but it is permitted to roam and meet the needs during the grace hours available for all areas of Kuwait, from 6am until 6 pm. Security men treat citizens and expatriates alike and no diffrentiation is made, also they are allowed to receive their needs that come from their families and the handover is made at the security points”.

He continued that all permitted activities outside the region are permitted inside the region as well, as security precautions through the total isolation of the region do not mean depriving the people of the region of eliminating their needs, as there is a gas service, cooperative societies branches, central markets, groceries, maintenance shops, a fuel filling station, and others.

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