Development of stem cell therapy for coronavirus

UAE: Developing stem cell treatment for Coronavirus

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Today, the UAE announced the success of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center in developing an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for the emerging coronavirus (COFED-19), which includes extracting stem cells from the patient’s blood and re-entering them after activation.
The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection confirmed in a statement that it is following with great importance this issue for the success of this work and to provide treatment for patients infected with the virus in light of the current conditions that witness a wide spread of infection worldwide and clinical trials are continuing towards successes.
The ministry added that the center conducted medical experiments through the use of non-blood peripheral autologous stem cells to treat (Covid-19) outbreak, adding that encouraging results were recorded in the success of the treatment in most cases, which is a positive indication about the effectiveness of treatment pending confirmation of the results Extra.
She explained that the treatment was tried in the country on 73 cases, which recovered and the result of the examination appeared negative after the introduction of the treatment to the lungs through inhalation by a fine spray, expected that the trials will continue to prove the effectiveness of the treatment within two weeks.
She stated that the treatment underwent and successfully passed the first stage of the clinical trials, which indicates its safety, and that none of the patients who received treatment reported any immediate side effects and no interactions with conventional treatment protocols were found for patients (Covid-19).

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