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MEW committee to discuss list of employees deserving govt reward

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: The committee formed by Ministry of Electricity and Water to follow-up the lists of those entitled to receive rewards will meet under the chairmanship of the ministry’s undersecretary in order to issue instructions for determining the names to be included in the list.

They explained that the committee will study all the names before referring them to the Civil Service Commission (CSC). CSC will in turn also follow-up and vet.

Based on the instructions of CSC in terms of organizing bonuses, the ministry’s employees will receive the rewards allocated for the second and third categories because they were not directly in contact with COVID- 19 patients.

The committee members, including assistant undersecretaries, had tasked a number of their sectors’ employees during the crisis. They will issue strict orders to the heads of departments to provide the names of the deserving individuals and include them in the list before forwarding it to the concerned authorities.

According to a statement issued last week by the Undersecretary of CSC Badr Al- Hamad regarding the Cabinet’s decision to introduce a mechanism for honoring employees in the government sector who were working in the frontline and the supporting teams to fight COVID-19 outbreak, CSC has introduced three categories of such workers.

The first is the high-risk category which includes employees of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior. The second category covers government employees who have since been doing their regular tasks. The third category covers government employees tasked with doing jobs other than their regular work during the curfew period in the country.

All these categories are divided into high-risk, medium-risk and low risk. The statement indicated that workers who have been infected by the virus will be granted financial reward of either double their monthly salary or a one-time bonus of KD 8,000.

The reward is based on the work they carried out during the period from February 24 to May 31. The statement also designated the workers who were infected with COVID-19 while in their line of duty and died as “martyrs of duty”.

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