Kuwait National Guard approves a number of retiree back in service amid combating COVID-19 – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT, June 1: Kuwait National Guard (KNG) announced Monday that they have enlisted a number of retired volunteers who ended their services in the past to benefit from their experiences in light of the current circumstances in Kuwait, the move is in coordination with the General Department of National Defense at the Ministry of Interior.

The move also comes based on wishes by volunteers to carry out their duties towards their homeland and the global fight against coronavirus.
KNG Associate for Financial Affairs and Resource Management, Brigadier Riyad Muhammad Tawari, told reporters that the volunteers will undergo medical examinations in the Medical Services Directorate to ensure their health status and their readiness to take on tasks and duties in addition to informing them of new instructions that qualify them to perform their duties efficiently and competently.

Tawari thanked the volunteers for their initiative in extending a helping hand and “utilizing the experience they had acquired in the years of working in the National Guard to assist their brothers.”

Brigadier Tawari affirmed that National Command welcome their efforts which reflects their sincere intentions to serve their country in such circumstances.

For their part, a number of former KNG members expressed their happiness and pleasure to volunteer and join their brothers in the National Guard to serve the country. (KUNA)

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