Kuwaiti Husband And Wife Beaten Up By House Maid

Kuwaiti Husband and Wife Beaten Up By House Maid

A Filipino maid has assaulted her sponsor and his wife and on interrogation, she stated that she was responding to what they have being doing to her in defense.

A Kuwaiti citizen and his wife went to the police station in the Jaber Al-Ahmad area, and they filed a complaint stating that they had been beaten by their Filipino maid. They also provided the two medical reports of their injuries.

A security source said they are further investigating the matter, on both parties to uncover what lead to the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier this year another incident was reported of an Kuwaiti woman accused of beating up her Filipina housemaid to death has a history of torturing maids who had worked for her. The woman, who was not identified by the police, used to beat her former Ethiopian housemaid before sacking her and replacing her with the Filipina.

Relations between Kuwait and the Philippines worsened in 2018 after the discovery of a frozen body of a Filipina maid in an apartment in the oil-rich Gulf emirate. Manila banned the travel of maids to Kuwait after the incident but it later suspended the decision after the two sides reached a new agreement.

Amnesty International has often warned of the systemic abuse and exploitation of domestic migrant workers across the region. Domestic workers in the gulf make up about 90 percent of the population, but stay linked to their employers under a patronage scheme that confiscates their passports.

Kuwait now employs 170,000 Filipinos. Kuwait currently enjoys good social, commercial, and cultural ties with the Philippines.

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