Lethal mistakes should be avoided .. And “Corona” has two features

A Lebanese doctor in Italy told “Al-Rai”: fatal mistakes that must be avoided .. “Corona” has two characteristics

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They took up their expertise as a weapon, and joined the “army” of fighting “Corona” in Italy … They are Lebanese doctors who became involved with their colleagues of various nationalities in the war waged on the emerging virus, without paying attention to the threat to their lives. 112 doctors have fallen so far on the “battlefield”, apart from injuring 12,000 others. Their first and last concern is to save Italy after it has become a focus of a pandemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

Family doctor Ghassan Cherry is one of the soldiers who fight day and night, and all I hope for is the victory soon. He explains to “Al-Rai” about the first days of the emergence and spread of the epidemic in Italy and how to manage the battles to control it, saying: “Because the disease is new, we did not know anything about it, we benefited from the Chinese experience that preceded us a month in the war against it, and we faced a mistake on the level of The political decision, whereby the necessary decisions were delayed for three weeks, despite the pressure that we practiced as doctors for the immediate start of the preventive measures and the closure of major gatherings, such as stadiums and schools, so that it became clear later that the largest spot from which the epidemic emerged was from a stadium in northern Italy.

Dr. Sherry added: “In the first period of the virus’s emergence and spread, thousands of people went to hospitals, whether they were infected or not, to be surprised that 40 percent of those who did not carry the virus moved from the hospital, and this is one of the mistakes that countries that the virus can reach Or spread in it, ”he continued,“ and for this reason we later prevented people from going to the hospital directly, where we developed a plan that imposes in the first stage the communication of those who feel the symptoms of the virus with the family doctor who determines his status if he needs a hospital or not, knowing that 85 A percent of patients are required to stay at home with instructions, and when they reach the stage of their inability to breathe here, hospitalization becomes a necessity. “

He pointed out that “tents were constructed outside hospitals where the patient is placed, doctors inspect him and monitor his condition for hours, after which they decide whether to enter him to receive treatment or that his condition does not require that,” adding: “All hospital departments were canceled and all were transferred to treat corona patients, as well. Doctors have been recruited from all specialties to treat people with the virus. “

And because it is a war against a new virus, the confrontational protocols are subject to change every few days. As Dr. Sherry said: “We were following the reports we received from China and Iran, and we are trying to reveal what is happening and take advantage of that, as we are preparing reports, while preparing studies on the disease It requires the beginning of the end of the battles that we waged against him, “he added:” In practice, there is no vaccine or medicine for Corona, at the beginning we revealed that the virus strikes the lungs and we started to confront it with oxygen and cortisone, until a report from China and Iran that includes the genes that make up the virus , Which are three AIDS, malaria, and the Corona family, so we started giving AIDS, malaria, arthritis, cortisone, anticoagulants, antibiotics, and others.

He also pointed out that “after the dissection of four bodies in China and 80 bodies in Italy to find out which organs the virus was killed in, it appeared that it also strikes the liver and kidneys, and leads to blood clots in the vessels.”

The news from Italy talks about the insufficiency of breathing devices, which leads doctors to choose which patients will live and who will die, and that preference is given to young people over the elderly, but according to what Dr. Sherry emphasized, this is “just rumors, 5% of patients only need To artificial respiration, oxygen machines are enough, just as the Italians have factories for these machines. Rather, they invented a small piece that makes the oxygen tube used for two people instead of a person. We also have more beds compared to European countries where they number about 200 thousand beds, and a free health system For all on the Italian soil. “

On the current situation in Italy, he said: “We fear a second wave hitting the country. Yes, we were glad that the number of injured people decreased, although it is still considered high.”

Corona virus is dangerous because he has, as Dr. Sherry said, “two traits that are not present in any other virus. The first is that it is rapidly spreading, and the second is that it is malignant with destruction, and it does not give way to treatment in the first period.”

Regarding the advice that he gives to people, he said: “On top of it is the home stone. The sick reservoir is the human being, in addition to the necessity of wearing masks and gloves for all people, and stressing the possibility that everyone we meet is infected with the virus.”

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