Mauritania eases anti-Corona measures

Mauritania eases anti-Corona measures

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The Mauritanian government announced yesterday evening to reduce the measures imposed to limit the outbreak of the new Corona virus, by permitting, in particular, the opening of commercial markets and restaurants, and the performance of Friday prayers, according to specific controls.
The government said in a statement that it approved “a step-by-step plan to lift the precautionary closure measures in order to ease restrictions imposed and allow citizens to resume their normal activities, under conditions where the necessary precautions are in place to avoid an outbreak of the virus again.”
The statement indicated that the plan specifically stipulates the obligation to put up masks, adhere to the rules of social separation, and wash hands in commercial markets and during the performance of the group’s suspended prayers for two months.
He added that the new measures include reducing the hours of night curfews imposed throughout the country, to start from 11 pm instead of nine in the evening, and continue until six in the morning.
The government also allowed restaurants to reopen, but only to secure home delivery services, stressing that these restaurants are “strictly prohibited” from providing food to customers.
In return, the land borders of Mauritania will remain closed, as will the country’s airports and schools, as well as restrictions imposed on movement between the country’s 13 states.
To this day, Mauritania has announced that eight people have contracted the new virus, one of whom has died and six have recovered. The eighth patient is still receiving treatment.

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