St Louis Superman | Racism

It is 2019 and Bruce Franks Jr is a battle rapper, leading Ferguson activist and state representative from St Louis, Missouri.

Known as Superman to his constituents, he is a political figure the likes of which you have never seen – full of contradictions and deep insights, who has overcome unspeakable loss to become one of the most dynamic and unapologetic young leaders in the United States.

St Louis Superman follows Franks at a critical juncture in his life. He is forced to deal with the mental trauma he has been carrying for nearly 30 years, since his nine-year-old brother was shot and killed in front of him.

Only by confronting his pain can Franks find peace and truly fulfill his destiny as a leader for his community.

St Louis Superman was nominated for this year Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. This Al Jazeera Witness documentary was acquired by MTV Documentary Films.

Source: Al Jazeera

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