The number of deaths in Corona is close to 200 thousand in the world

The number of deaths in Corona is close to 200 thousand in the world

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While the death toll from the emerging corona virus is close to over 200,000 today, the United Nations called for public mobilization to accelerate the production of a vaccine available to all, considering it the only way to contain a pandemic that is shaking the global economy.
The President of the United States, the country with the highest number of deaths amounting to fifty thousand, put forward the idea of ​​treating patients by injecting them with “sterile” materials, he said in statements that sparked controversy and forced scientists, producers and authorities to respond.
Ultimately, Donald Trump, apparently unhappy with the controversy, confirmed that he was speaking with “irony”. On Friday evening, he was satisfied with holding a brief press conference on the epidemic, and he left without answering any questions.
On his part, Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic opponent, said in the upcoming presidential elections, “I find it difficult to have to say that, but please do not drink Javel water.”
As for the antiseptic production company, Lesol, that is used by tens of millions of Americans, it found itself obliged to issue a written warning saying that “our sterile products should not enter the human body in any way.”
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that defeating the epidemic that has killed more than 193,000 people in the world requires “the greatest public health effort in history.”
The United Nations and its International Health Organization (WHO) have presented a “historic” initiative to produce treatments for the Covid-19 epidemic caused by the emerging coronavirus.
The race between laboratories began to find the suitable drug, as it is conducting six clinical trials, especially in Britain and Germany. But Guterres said the wager was about finding a vaccine and treatment that was “affordable, safe, effective” and “available to everyone and everywhere”, warning of a solution that excluded the poor.
This initiative is taking place with the participation of many European countries, the most affected continent with 119,000 deaths. However, neither China nor the United States detected the first disease in December, nor the United States joined the project.

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