The success of the normalization plan is based on adherence to health requirements – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 1: The Council of Ministers called on all spectrum’s of society to implement the health requirements and preventive measures, stressing that the criterion for the success of the plan to return to normal life is based on the degree of adherence to these conditions and shoulder the social responsibility that is the main element of the transition between the stages of the plan.

The head of the Government Communication Center, the official spokesman for the Kuwaiti government, Tariq Al-Muzram, stressed in the press conference that was held virtually in Seef Palace after the council’s meeting today. The importance of everyone’s cooperation in compliance with health guidelines in the interest of the individuals and the society, and work as a team to confront the epidemic and defeat it.

He said that the virus has not ended or receded yet, so what we have witnessed from citizens and residents on the first day of the first stage of the plan to return to normal life, which extends to several other stages, is a kind of application of complete health guidelines.

He called for the application of these guidelines “extensively”, especially covering the nose and mouth, and applying the full procedures as something that will facilitate the transition from this stage to the next and stop the spread of the epidemic.

He mentioned that the epidemic is still present and the world is suffering from it until this moment, pointing to the increasing numbers of injuries in several countries of the world as well as controlling the numbers of injuries in other countries at the same time.

He said the “health authorities in Kuwait was able to impose control of the epidemic within the country and that the government saw in the current stage , the application of these guidelines together so that we can return to normal life (KUNA)

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