UAE back to work on May 31st – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT, May 27: UAE’s Federal Authority of Human Resources said Wednesday 30 percent of government employees would go back to their offices on Sunday, May 31.

The authority said in a resolution, cited by the UAE news agency, number of employees would increase gradually. Many of the employees will be working remotely in line with criteria determined by every department.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) told public sector’s employees to stay home in a bid to curb spread of the coronavirus.

The authority excluded some segments like pregnant women, disabled, people with chronic illnesses and people with weak immunity system.
Employees, said the authority, should abide by health regulations and physical distancing.

The UAE announced earlier total total registered coronavirus cases was around 32,000, of them 16,300 had recovered. A total of 255 people died of the virus (KUNA) –

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