KUWAIT CITY, June 2 : On the second day of the second phase of total lockdown, the Interior Ministry allowed people living in Mahboula to leave the area provided they hold the permit issued by the concerned authority.

Securitymen manning the checkpoints in Mahboula allowed people to enter and leave if they hold the valid permit, especially those who work for the health and security institutions, food companies in addition to water tankers and food suppliers.

Securitymen at the checkpoints were seen carefully checking the permits and vehicles leaving the area to prevent the smuggling of labor from the area particularly transport vehicles, mobile refrigerator vans and buses.

At the same time the daily said the Ministry of Interior is working 24/7 under the scorching heat to prevent the residents of the region from leaving without security permit.

The sources said the ministry has activated the permits for residents of the region, including workers of oil companies, etc., in addition to allowing the employees of the Ministry of Health and Security Institutions to enter and exit.

Laborers attempt on a daily basis to escape from the region through security barriers, but the security men are vigilant and on the lookout. The source pointed total lockdown of the area does not mean a total prohibition of movement.

Those living in the area are permitted to leave their homes during the grace hours to buy their needs.

On the second day of the total lockdown the Hawalli region witnessed a relative calm in the movement of entry and exit to the area, and with the temperature gradually increasing the pedestrian movement decreased remarkably, until the streets appeared almost empty and similar to the days of the total ban. The residents who are allowed to enter and leave the Hawalli region are those working for the ministries of the Interior, Health, Electricity, and those who work in cemeteries, and Kuwaitis who are referred to clinics and hospitals outside Hawalli, in addition to those who work for nutrition, gas, and foodstuffs companies, diplomats, and elevators and air-conditioning maintenance companies.

On the situation in the region, Rawda and Hawalli Cooperative Society official, Muhammad Al-Maatouq said food and gas supplies are abundant and explained the food stocks are sufficient for more than 6 months. In a message to Hawalli residents, Al-Maatouq said, ‘don’t panic everything is available and the services is provided 24/7.’

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