Smuggling out workers from isolated areas – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 2: Many powerless companies stood before the cabinet decision that allowed them to return to work within the first stage of the plan to return to life but prevention to exit its workers from isolated areas hindered their efforts.

Companies in the sectors that were allowed to return attempted to smuggle their workers from isolated areas, other companies were forced to compensate for the absence of their workers with alternative labor from the similar market, to ensure that the business is conducted in any way.

Sources revealed that this situation incurred heavy costs for business owners and customers to pay exaggerated wages for workers without experience which will be charged to the customer, not to mention the poor service provided and the potential for differences and perhaps issues.

Sources called out to allow companies wishing to get out their workers from the isolation areas by providing them with housing outside, which adheres to health requirements, while bearing the periodic examination of their workers, and the costs of treatment for those who are infected.

The response of the Council of Ministers to submit a date for the work of local banks indicates a required professional flexibility in light of these conditions, and another flexibility is required to review the regional isolation plan, in a way that does not affect the health path.

The sources revealed many tried smuggling labor from the isolation areas in a variety of ways, some of which ended in failure at the hands of the security forces.

On the other hand, a number of doctors described the decision to isolate a number of residential areas recently as primarily healthy, aimed at protecting community health and preventing the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

They said that granting entry and exit permits from isolated areas must be carried out according to clear controls and with one rule, in order for the dismissal decision to achieve the purpose of taking it.

They indicated that the issue of transmitting the infection from those allowed to enter and leave the isolated areas applies to the doctor as it applies to the food distributor, which means the necessity of clarity of the mechanism by which light is allowed to leave the isolated areas and return to them.

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