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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 3: His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled confirmed today, Wednesday, that health matters in Kuwait are stable and reassuring, stressing at the same time the need to adhere to health guidelines because until now there is no medicine for the emerging corona virus.

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled

The Prime Minister added during his meeting with the editors of local newspapers: “It is not possible to rely on one resource which is oil, because this is difficult and we must diversify the sources of income in the country.”

He continued: “The population of the State of Kuwait is 4 million and 800,000 the number of Kuwaitis, including 1 million and 450,000 and expats are 3 million and 350,000, that is 30% of Kuwaitis and 70% of expats which is a big imbalance.

The ideal situation for the population composition is that the proportion of Kuwaitis 70% expats are 30%, and we have a challenge ahead in the future to address the demographic imbalance.

He stressed that when the Council of Ministers took a decision last March to extend the school year, to be resumed in August, the goal was to find an available option in order to assess the health status until the picture becomes clear, but I confirm that the health of our students comes in the first place.

He added, “His Highness, the Amir of the country, may God protect and preserve him, sought permission from the beginning of the crisis that the situation requires taking harsh measures, and as usual, His Highness listened with interest and pointed to one sentence” the souls of people with your neck “and the government put that sentence under implementation and a method for it in its work.”

His Highness reiterated thanks and appreciation to the Kuwaiti people and expats in Kuwait for their understanding, acceptance and implementation of the precautionary measures that help in facing the health crisis.

His Highness the Prime Minister said that the country’s economy is important, but the health of the citizen and the resident is more important, and we are facing a difficult equation, so we work according to our available capabilities to narrow the gap and reduce the damage as much as possible by passing the economic package.

The Prime Minister said, “I affirm the concern of His Highness the Amir that Kuwait is always the one that brings together the various parties. Unfortunately, we are now in the fourth year of the Gulf dispute, but the efforts are still continuing, and the hopes are greater than they were, now if we take one step followed by another.

Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid reaffirmed the government’s keenness to cooperate with the National Assembly, expressing his thanks to the Speaker and members of the Council for their understanding of the exceptional circumstances of the consequences of Corona.

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