Father builds mini auto rickshaw for son | Science & Technology

A father in India has built a miniature version of an auto rickshaw for his son in Kattappana in India’s southern Kerala state. 
Arunkumar Purushothaman, who works as a nurse at the district hospital, said he started building the rickshaw after his infant son wanted an expensive toy car.
“When he was a boy, nine months old, he cried for a Hummer, like a Jeep,” Purushothaman explained. “When I asked for the rate it was about 16,000 [rupees] ($211) then only I started thinking: ‘Why should I buy this? I can make it.'”
The mini rickshaw includes parts from an old satellite dish as well as a broken gas stove. 
The rickshaw has been named Sundhari after an auto rickshaw that features heavily in the popular 1990s Indian film, Aye Auto.
Purushothaman now receives orders from all over the country, which he accepts on an occasional basis. 
This report was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Natalia Faisal.Source: Al Jazeera

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