Kuwait Coast Guard Seize 131 KG Of Hashish

Kuwait Coast Guard Seize 131 KG of Hashish

Kuwait Coast Guard managed to seize an attempt to smuggle 131 kg of hashish entering into Kuwait via sea.

The operation was launched after the Maritime Operations Center got suspicions about a boat sailing with four people on board.

However, the patrol servicemen managed to stop it, the police said.

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When questioned, the group admitted dumping the narcotics in the water, yet, the shipment was traced down and retrieved, said a ministry statement late Thursday. The four men on the boat were arrested. They allegedly admitted that they had brought narcotics to be delivered to a Kuwaiti in cooperation with another citizen outside the country.

The detainees and confiscated belongings were referred to relevant authorities, pending legal action, while the suspected citizen was arrested after a legal warrant was issued, noted the statement.

Legal proceedings were taken and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution.

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