240 quarantined in Al Zour health quarry

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 6: The head of Al-Zour Health quarantine, Dr. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Kandari, stated that 240 infected patients with Corona virus receive treatment inside the quarantine, most of them are medical staff and nursing bodies that were infected during her work in health facilities besides members of their families.

The Minister of Health, Al-Kandari, and one of the doctors in the Al-Zour quarry

Al-Kandari stated that since its launch at the end of April, it had received about 1,000 people infected with the virus as most of them have been discharged after recovering the quarantine did not witness any deaths. 3 cases were transferred to the public hospitals and two cases returned back to the quarantine.

Al-Kandari pointed out that the quarry is an integrated field hospital that includes an internal clinic, laboratory, pharmacy and emergency room for recovery, as well as a special helipad, a separate housing for doctors and nurses, and another for nurses, where it was implemented by the Quebec company and managed by the Ministry of Health.

Al-Kandari indicated that dealing with the patients is done by electronic communication and by registering a special barcode for any person infected with the virus, it is entered for the quarry, to search for any requirements and subject it to any medical tests according to a timetable, indicating that the quarry has a clinical capacity of 1700 beds, and includes about 850 chalets .

On the period of staying in the quarantine he explained that previously the patient was staying 28 days and then 14 days, Health Organization recently recommended that the patient who does not have any symptoms their stay in isolation will be of 10 days only and exit without taking a smear.

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