Chinese envoy lauds anti-COVID-19 measures taken in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the State of Kuwait Li Minggang affirmed that the government of Kuwait has been taking decisive measures in confronting and containing the COVID- 19 outbreak, expressing confidence that Kuwait will win its battle with this epidemic in the near future.

Chinese Ambassador in Kuwait Ambassador Li Minggang

In an interview Ambassador Minggang explained that his country contained the spread of the pandemic through tremendous efforts exerted by the Chinese government through its competent authorities, medical teams and specialized experts.

Only 134 confirmed cases were recorded since May 24, and the recovery rate has exceeded 94 percent.

The Chinese government adopted rapid response and transparency in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak and provided the international community with its genetic sequence at an early period without any delay.

The ambassador expressed his country’s rejection of attempts by some countries to politicize the source of this virus, stressing that there is no evidence to indicate the virus is man-made. He added that identifying the source of any virus is a critical scientific question that must be left to the scientists and specialized experts to find accurate evidence.

The interview also touched on the relations between China and Kuwait during which Ambassador Minggang affirmed that they are strategic partners united in many areas of bilateral cooperation.

He said the total volume of trade exchange between the two countries amounted to $17.281 billion, indicating that the Chinese community in Kuwait has a population of 10,000, all of who are well and healthy.

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