Quick fire remedies sought for issue of ‘Kuwaitis without salaries’

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: “It’s been over four months and we still do not have what it takes to provide for our families and to meet our financial obligations in the face of the coronavirus crisis”, said participants of the campaign dubbed “Kuwaitis without salaries”.

“Kuwaitis without salaries” campaign organizers, in a message to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled delivered in accordance to the applied mechanism, requested the Cabinet to issue the required decision to resolve the issue of Kuwaitis who haven’t received salaries for more than four months.

The sources expressed full readiness to provide the required information about the categories, number and names of Kuwaitis who haven’t been paid, saying they value the steps taken so far to address some of the terms of the request, which include re-disbursement of social allowance to the category of new graduates after it was suspended for those who registered with Civil Service Commission and were nominated to work in the government agencies but their appointment papers were not completed to commence work.

“As for those who submitted their resignation from government sector and reregistered with the central employment system to be nominated into new ministries and their salaries stopped automatically, they were allowed to withdraw the resignation form to enable the entity to include them in the payroll statements again”, sources said, indicating the repayment of salaries has been instructed for those who submitted their resignations and haven’t had time to take up work in a new location.

In response to a question about citizens whose salaries were suspended for administrative reasons, the sources replied: They informed us that the decision to suspend salaries or deduct or re-disburse them for administrative reasons depends on the work authority concerned with suspending, deducting or re-disbursing according to specific procedures based on reasons for the suspension or deduction.

Therefore, the decision to stop the deduction and activate re-disbursement is based on the internal administrative measures of workplaces that have undertaken the deduction, suspension or re-disbursement. “We call for solutions to the rest of the items included in the request we have submitted to His Highness the Prime Minister”, they concluded

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