Bats not a threat to humans

KUWAIT CITY, June 7: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) says it received information about the presence of a number of bats on the roof of a building, reassuring the public that this type of bat is the Naked-rumped Tomb Bat (Taphozous nudiventris), which is one of the largest species in Kuwait and is usually found in large groups.

In a press statement, EPA explained that this type of bat is usually present in rocky cracks, abandoned houses, and near water sources, They remain hanging asleep in these places throughout the day, and at dusk, they go out to hunt for insects.

Their activities usually start at dusk. EPA insisted that this type of bat does not constitute any danger to human health and safety. It said it hopes everyone would rediscover nature and know the importance of biodiversity and its positive effects on the world. EPA explained that there has been notable environmental recovery and increased biological diversity in the world, as some fungal organisms have migrated to the cities. This has been observed recently due to the conditions the world is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The limitation in human movement has restored nature to its calmness, brought about climatic clarity, and reduced human activities and urbanization.

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