MOE needs 450 nurses by Aug in schools

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 7: With the schools reopening the sources revealed that the schools at the secondary stage need 450 nurses to examine students while entering the school on a daily basis. If in case in August the schools reopen each school will need 3 nurses in addition to thermal and medical devices. Lack of these requests will be a threat to the health of students, especially if just one case is discovered in school and panic and fear will be created among the parents and the students.

Statistics indicated that the number of students is close to 80,000 students, the total number of teachers is 14,711 male and female teachers, while the number of the administrative body in secondary schools is 3,303 employees and employees, and that the services employees in secondary schools reach 1,084 employees. The total number of secondary schools is about 150 secondary schools and the number of classrooms in secondary schools is 3,456 Classroom.

The sources stated that it will be a challenge to not just examining students before entering the school daily, but social distancing norms plus importance of maintaining contact with the family on a daily basis to identify any infections of the family or in the case of students coming into contact with infected people, as well as teachers and workers on protection procedures and dealing with medical conditions inside the school.

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