‘Nurses, doctors, workers rights protected’

KUWAIT CITY, June 7: While the Kuwaiti Nursing Association confirmed that its doors are always open to all nurses as part of its duties, the association revealed it did not receive any recent complaint on the leakage of correspondence among nurses, doctors and workers in Sabah Health District regarding those infected with coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a recent press statement, head of the association Bandar Nachmi Al- Anzi affirmed that they spare no effort in protecting the rights of members in appreciation of latter’s sacrifice and efforts at all times, especially now that the country is facing the corona pandemic.

On behalf of the association, Al-Anzi expressed disappointment over the leakage of some correspondences and records of nursing personnel, doctors and other workers in Sabah Health District, particularly those related to coronavirus.

He stressed the Ministry of Health is obligated to open an investigation into these leaks on social media in order to identify those behind the leakage and what are their goals. He said such acts will weaken confidence in the country’s health security. He also called on the ministry and all health institutions to continue providing the necessary protection for the nursing staff.

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