Curfew permits provided for workers in isolated areas

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 9: The government ministries have reduced the procedures for isolating the regions by allowing entry and exit curfew permits for workers of the companies which began their operations within the first stage of returning back to normalcy.

Informed sources said that hundreds of curfew permits were granted during the past few days to the companies provided that the workers exit and entry is carried out through company buses and and for specific persons from those companies.

The curfew permits were issued to the workers working for companies operating in the restaurants, foodstuffs, car maintenance and pharmacies sector, in addition to granting permits to some pharmacies to enter and exit the isolation areas to deliver medicines according to the areas of presence.

The curfew permits were granted after a study was conducted in isolated areas and the workers present in those areas provided the companies met the health and precautionary conditions.

The companies asked for permits from the competent government authorities after when end of the total ban was announced stating that their workers are in isolated areas of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Hawally, Al-Farawaniyah, Khaitan, and Mahboula who were needed to begin the first stage to return to normalcy.

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