Co-ops to sell masks at reduced rates for Kuwaitis and expats

KUWAIT CITY, June 10: President of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies Fahd Al-Kashti confirmed the supply of medical masks at reduced prices, which will be distributed to cooperative societies throughout the country in order to meet the needs of citizens and expats; in addition to foiling some people’s attempt to exploit the crisis and trade in the health of citizens and expats.

Al-Kashti revealed that the union, in coordination with the National Cooperative Projects Committee, succeeded in reducing the prices of masks for consumers. He said the price of Turkish masks decreased from KD 4 to KD 3, while the price of Chinese masks decreased from KD 4.500 to KD 3.500.

He added the cooperative societies are keen on following all safety and health procedures in terms of supplying masks. He affirmed the cooperatives promised to continue contributing to ongoing efforts to address the corona crisis, as well as prevent citizens and residents from falling prey to the greedy merchants on one hand and to support the national economy on the other hand.

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