Famous Pakistani Actor Detained In Kuwait For Publishing Obscene Video

Famous Pakistani Actor Detained In Kuwait For Publishing Obscene Video

A Pakistani national residing in Kuwait was detained for publishing immoral video displaying his private parts to which he has confessed to the Department of Cybercrime of Kuwait for doing so.

Social media activists were shocked by a new video that appeared in the Pakistani actor residing in Kuwait, Farhan Al-Ali, apologizing for the clip, “Khadish”, which had spread to him recently.

The video showed the actor in a drunk state while he was filming his body naked, sparking a major attack on him and people demanding that he gets punished and deported from the country.

Farhan defended himself and posted another video explaining that his account was hacked and apologized to his followers. The fate of the actor has not yet been determined, whether he will be deported from Kuwait or will receive another punishment.

About Farhan Al-Ali

Farhan Al-Ali was born in Kuwait to a Pakistani father and an Iranian mother. He started his artistic career in 2003 and is married and has two kids; Maha and Maher. He suffered from health problems, he was unable to speak until the age of five, then he suffered from atrophy, and due to the lack of development of drugs for this disease and the seriousness of its side effects, he was not treated, therefore his length was no more than 133 centimetres

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