Awqaf opens door to appoint Kuwaitis as imam or muezzin

KUWAIT, June 13: The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Kuwait, Advisor Dr. Fahd Al-Afasy stated that they will be open to receive applications for appointing Kuwaitis new appointments, retirees or volunteers to work as an imam or muezzin to fill the shortage in these jobs.

Al-Afasy said in a press statement today, Saturday, that the ministry will start receiving appointment to the aforementioned jobs from 16 to 25 June, indicating that this measure comes in investing specialized national talents and filling all vacancies in religious jobs.

He stated that all the conditions stipulated for appointing retired Kuwaitis as imam or muezzin position were eased by the ministry in order to receive as many applications as possible. It was decided to excuse the applicants for these two positions from the written test provided that they pass the oral interview and that the applicant is in sound mind and sensible.

He added that the ministry stipulated that retirees wishing to obtain a job muezzin memorize two parts of the Holy Qur’an, taking into account the provisions of intonation, good performance, voice and familiarity with the provisions of purity, prayer and principles of belief.

Al-Afasy called on those wishing to work as an imam or muezzin of Kuwaitis, whether new appointments, retirees or volunteers, to register in the link on the official website of the ministry to follow up on the mechanism and conditions set by the ministry to accept applicants during the mentioned period. (KUNA)

Below are the conditions

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