Reveal names of those in Kuwait who had links with Bangladeshi Minister

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 13: MP Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Kandari demanded to reveal the names of everyone who dealt with the Bangladeshi MP, including Ministers and government officials.

File Photo MP Abdulkarim-Al–Kandari

Al-Kandari said through his Twitter account: “Just as the name of the Bangladeshi Minister who was involved in crimes of human trafficking and money laundering was announced, the names of all those who dealt with him in Kuwait from representatives and government officials should be revealed as they turned into a public opinion issue related to corruption crimes such as the exploitation of influence and graft.

In February it was revealed that there were 3 Bangladeshi human traffickers, one of whom was caught and two left the country, together they formed a large network of human trafficking and money laundering. According to sources, these three Bangladeshis occupy prestigious and sensitive positions in 3 major companies in the country where they have brought more than 20,000 Bangladeshi workers on government cleaning contracts in exchange for large sums of money exceeding 50 million dinars.

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