Tracking the new coronavirus strains

Tracking the new coronavirus strains

New variants of the coronavirus have now been reported in at least 31 countries worldwide. One of these new strains named VUI-202012/01 was first reported in the United Kingdom on December 14 and is said to be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the previously dominant strain in the UK.

This means it is spreading faster in the UK, making the pandemic there even harder to control and increasing the risk it will also spread swiftly in other countries.

So far, there is no indication to believe the new mutation is any deadlier, or more likely to be able to evade vaccines or treatments.

The map and list below shows which countries have so far reported cases of the new strains of coronavirus.

Al Jazeera will update this list as more information becomes available (Updated December 31).

United Kingdom: December 14
South Africa: December 18
Australia: December 21
Netherlands: December 22
Denmark: December 23
Ireland: December 23
Israel: December 23
Italy: December 23
Germany: December 24
Iceland: December 24
Nigeria: December 24
Singapore: December 24
France: December 25
Japan: December 25
Lebanon: December 25
Canada: December 26
Spain: December 26
Sweden: December 26
Jordan: December 27
Portugal: December 27
Finland: December 28
Norway: December 28
South Korea: December 28
Chile: December 29
India: December 29
Pakistan: December 29
Switzerland: December 29
United Arab Emirates: December 30
United States: December 30
Malaysia: December 31
China: December 31