Jabriya residents complain of govt’s neglect of the area

Jabriya residents complain of govt’s neglect of the area

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: Rubbish and rubble besiege Jabriya area from all sides, impeding the movement of the public. This has led the latter to ask – Where are the authorities responsible for these uncivilized landscapes? They stressed that this area is considered one of the ideal areas and is supposed to appear in a civilized gown, reports Al-Shahid daily.

One of the residents of Jabriya area Muhammad Salem criticized the General Traffic Department for not doing anything to put an end to the daily traffic jams witnessed at the entrances and exits of Jabriya area, as well as the bottlenecks in the same area.

He said, “It is assumed that you would find practical solutions to the phenomenon of traffic jams that last for hours. This has been happening due to poor planning and failure to create sufficient exits for the area.”

Another resident Khalil Abdullah said the municipality is “absent” from the uncivilized landscape of waste and rubble scattered everywhere, stressing that, “The violators must pay the price, and this depends on the Kuwait Municipality, which do not act to issue citations against those who contribute directly to the spread of waste without incurring any responsibility.”

The residents of Jabriya area criticized the neglect that has resulted in the distortion of the beauty of the area.

They lamented that the main problem is the huge quantity of garbage and waste that pile up on the streets, public places and main squares, insisting that the responsible parties need a clear plan of action, instead of allowing chaos in the streets.

It is worth mentioning that Jabriya area is the most vital area of Kuwait because of the commercial feature, as there are many restaurants, cafes and specialized stores. Residential complexes are spread in this area, making it a densely populated one especially for the expatriate community, besides the area occupied by citizens.

One of the things that the residents of and visitors to the region complain about the most is the congestion experienced daily in the mornings and evenings. During the morning period, it becomes very difficult to enter and exit Jabriya.

The area also suffers from negligence of streets and roads. The street between blocks 6 and 5 has potholes, which prompted the residents to repair them at their own expense or put up signs to alert the motorists about the existence of potholes that could cause damage to their vehicles, in the absence of the role of the responsible authorities.

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