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Kuwait Mosafer

Kuwait Mosafer or KuwaitMosafer app is newly developed web-based app by the  Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority. Starting from August 1, every traveler must use this app when departs or arrives Kuwait.  This app is easy to use. You do not even need to install it to use because it is a web-based app. In other words, you can directly browse the app on any browser such as Safari or Google Chrome. Give it a try now by clicking here or entering the website:kuwaitmosafer.com

What is Kuwait Mosafer or KuwaitMosafer

KuwaitMosafer is the first of its kind online platform to facilitate travel requirements for passengers travelling through Kuwait International Airport. Additionally, the KuwaitMosafer platform ensures faster procedures for passengers arriving to Kuwait. It offers a simple user friendly interface and contactless secure process. The first purpose of KuwaitMosafer app is to simplify post-Covid travel requirements. Besides, make it easier for people to travel to Kuwait while following all the local entry rules and regulations.

How can I register in Kuwait Mosafer or KuwaitMosafer

  1. Enter kuwaitmosafer.com directly via any browser of your favorite.
  2. Sign up using your Google account , Facebook account or any email address.
  3. Then, you will be redirected to the next page as shown below KuwaitMosafer or Kuwait Mosafer
  4. As shown above, you can attach all your documents required to facilitate your journey. For instance, PCR test or Vaccine certificate.
  5. Before attaching your test or certificate, add your flight details.Add your Flight Details on kuwaitmosafer.com app
  6. After adding flight details, you will be prompted to the next page. Subsequently, you can select the service with which you want to proceed with. For example, Hotel Booking, click on hotels below passengers list. Then, you will find the list of hotels available. By the way, you can book either by calling them or on any common hotel booking website according to your comfort and budget. Hotel Booking on Kuwaitmosafer.com app
  7. You need to send Copy of Passport , Civil ID and Flight Details to the hotel. At the time of arrival, hotel will send cab pick you up.
  8. You need to do  PCR test from the country you are travelling from before 96 hours according to  kuwaitmosafer.com . The app will unlock the PCR  to upload PCR certificate only before 96 hours. ADD PCR Certificate on kuwaitmosafer app before travelling to kuwait
  9. Click on PCR package below passengers list. You need to pay 60 KD for two PCR tests. One PCR test for On Arrival. In addition to second test after 7 days of institutional quarantine or 14 days of institutional quarantine depending on the country you are travelling from. Above all, you need to book the PCR package before boarding the flight. PCR package on Kuwaitmosafer.com app
  10. If you have already taken the vaccine, you can add the certificate in the dedicated field. Add Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Details on kuwaitmosafer.com

Last Step

11. After passengers simply complete the mandatory registration on the Kuwait Mosafer (KuwaitMosafer) platform and generate a quick QR code on departure to or arrival at Kuwait International Airport. The QR code can be used to view or share their Kuwait vaccine records. Moreover, KuwaitMosafer is directly linked to the Kuwait Ministry of Health vaccine records online. It refers to the passenger’s vaccine record online allowing the airport or airline officials to verify the required number of vaccinations and their authenticity. Hence, this makes it easier for processing and eliminates the need to carry paper documentation when travelling.

Most importantly, the Kuwait Council of Ministers has exempted three categories of vaccinated travelers arriving to Kuwait from the mandatory institutional quarantine. This includes those that have received one dose of the vaccine more than 5 weeks before arrival or both doses of the vaccine with the second dose taken more than two weeks before arrival. Hassan El- Houry, Group CEO of NAS confirmed that the KuwaitMosafer. gov.kw platform is fully ready to assist in the verification of vaccinations issued in Kuwait through its Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate online.

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