Kuwaiti pharmacists number falls

KUWAIT CITY, March 25: The Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) affirmed its full belief in the integrity of the Kuwaiti judiciary and respecting its verdicts. Responding to the Constitutional Court’s ruling that it was unconstitutional to close pharmacies inside the cooperative societies which allow them to practice their work before the law was issued, the president of the Kuwaiti Pharmacist Society, Walid Al-Shimmari, said this ruling applies to pharmacies of cooperative societies before the issuance of the 1996 law, and does not apply to associations and what is more, Law 30/2016 enables a Kuwaiti pharmacist to manage the pharmacy himself.

Al-Shimmari pointed to the decrease in the number of Kuwaiti pharmacists benefiting from the 30/2016 Law after the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court, as the pharmacies belonging to the era before the 1996 law were more than 50 percent in the cooperative societies in Kuwait, but he emphasized at the same time that all legal means were taken into consideration to protect the rights and earnings of pharmacists. Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Pharmacist Association, Ali Hadi, said the Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Society adheres to the acquired rights of pharmacists approved by the Constitutional Court, thus preserving the right of specialists among pharmacists to practice the profession and manage pharmacies, indicating that the Society has spared no effort in working to implement the law and protect it in the National Assembly and the administrative courts down to the Constitutional Court.

According to the ruling of the Constitutional Court, Hadi called on the Ministry of Social Affairs to complete the application of the new pharmacy law and enable the Kuwaiti pharmacist to manage pharmacies in cooperative societies. He pointed out that the pharmacy sector in Kuwait is promising and budding with national workforce who have scientific and practical experience in managing pharmacies and have presented impressive models in managing cooperative societies’ pharmacies

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

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