KOTC affirms its strong, permanent keenness on safety of gas cylinders

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2 : The Kuwait Oil Tanker Company affirmed on Wednesday, its strong and permanent keenness on the safety of gas cylinders and its commitment to international security, safety and quality standards in dealing with them before they reach the hands of the consumer, praising the efforts made by cooperative societies to ensure the preservation and transportation of gas cylinders in a safe and secure manner to consumers. In a press release, the company expressed its appreciation and thanks at the same time to consumers, alerting “what the misuse behaviors of some cause, especially in the commercial sector, for those cylinders.”

It stressed that preserving cylinders and their safety is a shared responsibility that requires the concerted efforts of all stakeholders and consumers. The company explained that the cylinders go through multiple stages to ensure their safety before they are safely exited to the gas branches, in parallel with moving forward with short and medium-term plans to address the damage caused by misuse. It indicated that it is filling about 60,000 gas cylinders per day, and inspecting, filling, transporting and distributing more than 17 million cylinders annually., (KUNA)

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