Water consumption exceeds water production in Ramadan

Water consumption exceeds water production in Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 6: The rate of water consumption on the first day of Ramadan exceeded the production rate by 28 million imperial gallons. A total of 433 million gallons was consumed on April 2 but only 405 million gallons was produced, reports Al-Rai daily.

Informed sources from the ministry said, “It is natural that the rate of consumption during the days of Ramadan exceeds the rate of production, especially at this time of the year when a number of water production distillates are undergoing maintenance work. The difference has been compensated from the strategic stockpile, which amounts to 3902.8 million imperial gallons”.

They affirmed that the ministry’s production capacity is 688 million imperial gallons per day, indicating that it is expected for the volume of water consumption to exceed next summer the highest consumption rate of 507 million gallons that was recorded last year.

On the electrical level, the journey of rise in the power consumption index has begun, as it reached 9,490 megawatts a few days ago.

The sources said they expect it would touch the 10,000 megawatt barrier from mid-April.

The ministry called on consumers to rationalize the consumption of water and electricity by using only sufficient quantities in order to avoid waste.

The sources said the ministry is exerting great efforts to ensure its services reach all its customers around the clock.

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