Juices laced with drugs pull young boys & girls

Juices laced with drugs pull young boys & girls

Peddlers find novel ways to promote products

KUWAIT CITY, July 30: The Ministry of Interior said “the security authorities are fighting another battle to control drug consumption which is becoming a fast phenomenon among drug addicts and many more are getting hooked to the habit through a novice idea, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, it is noticed recently, that there are some sites selling juices laced with drugs (chemical, shabu, Larica) and are believed to be earning a lot of money, noting that “the most targeted group are young men and men between the ages of 18 and 40 years, because of the ease of the presence of promoters who take advantage of some shops.

The sources revealed that some shop owners put a secret sign indicating the presence of juices laced with narcotic substances, for their daily customers who are fully aware of what is happening, through agreed signs, and there are some who promote drugs in a very professional manner. A bottle of juice laced with drugs is sold for about 5 dinars, and this price is comparatively low, and helps attract large numbers of young men and even young girls.

Drug traffickers and dealers do not stop inventing their means and the way in which they hunt their prey, or they promote their goods, in one way or another, away from the eyes of the regulatory and security authorities.

Among the latest of their “satanic” ideas, a means by which they promote their goods, and through which they achieve the greatest amount of excitement for drug users, is by mixing the drug Larica (which is called among addicts by names such as ‘Lulu’ and ‘The Rocket’) with juices. Specifically it is high in sugars, which makes its effect stronger, which is reflected in the increasing demand for this ‘laced juice’ that is promoted in a variety of random ways, as some sites have become hotbeds for distributing drugs through juices.

The security sources confirmed that “through the monitoring of some suspicious sites by the detectives, most of them in the governorates of Jahra, Farwaniya, Al-Asimah and Ahmadi, many Arabs who sell these juices have been arrested and during interrogation the authorities discovered that they were making huge sums of money by promoting narcotic substances in juices and luring young men and girls to buy them” pointing out that “a well-known juice is mixed with drugs, and it has become a popular way to promote it among drug users.

Among the steps taken by the security authorities after complaints were received in this matter, is by introducing foot patrols and the establishment of checkpoints, according to the sources, who indicated that a number of drug users were arrested and juices were seized from them. Sources pointed out that “despite the vigilance of the security and customs men, and their work to cut off the road to drug dealers and dry up their sources, there are quantities that are smuggled, whether by land, sea or even airports, and the most countries from which the quantities come are Iraq, Iran, and eastern Asia.

The sources concluded by calling on all members of society to assume their responsibilities, “the concerned authorities are required to intensify their efforts on the two fronts of preventing drug smuggling and prosecuting the promoters at home, while the societal role must be activated, starting with family supervision of children, passing through the role of public benefit associations in this framework, up to the Ministry of Education to combat this scourge, which has become a phenomenon.”

Simply withdrawing “Larica” from the body does not mean ridding the addict of addiction, but rather it is just an initial stage to reach the final treatment, given the deep psychological impact on the addict, and the behavior he acquired from the addictive environment, which stands as an obstacle to him and to his integration with society again. Therefore, 4 stages have been developed to deter, protect against relapse, and develop the addict’s abilities to be able to succeed. They are:

1 – Getting rid of the toxins from the body gradually until it disappears completely, and this is done within two weeks or more according to the percentage of the drug inside the body.

2 – Psychotherapy to rid the patient of the diseases that afflicted him, and to restore psychological equilibrium, and his normal levels of cognition.

3 – Behavior rehabilitation: This stage of treatment aims to enable the patient to behave in an appropriate manner, and to remove all thoughts and beliefs that pertain to the addictive environment, thus enabling him to properly engage in society, without being subjected to any psychological pressures.

4 – Follow-up In order to get rid of Larica addiction once and for all, the fourth stage aims to follow up the patient after leaving the treatment center, in order to spare him pressure, motivate him and develop his ability to face challenges in life.

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