Precious watches, bags for rent – Phenomenon spreads

Precious watches, bags for rent – Phenomenon spreads

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: It seems that elegance and keeping up with expensive accessories and watches from well-known brands are no longer dependent on the level of wealth, reports Al-Qabas daily. Rather, it is possible to rent these modern necessities for specific times and wear them on various occasions. It has been remarkable recently that advertisements have appeared on social media about offering accessories such as watches, precious bags and others for rent to those who wish to do so, especially on the days of public occasions such as holidays during which “visits” and celebrations abound, or to rent them on special occasions or even friends’ Fridays. Few accounts on social networking sites and applications began to put forward the idea a few years ago, but its spread has increased recently, and the number of accounts providing these services has increased.

The service is summarized in that the account holder, or the group that owns it, provides young people with precious watches, whether for women or men, or an expensive women’s handbag, either from their possessions or by working as intermediaries between those who own watches and precious bags that they do not use and the renter, for a fee – rent, for a day or more, with payment of insurance fees as well. It is remarkable that most of the merchandise offered for rent is for women, including watches and bags. Although the demand for these services was not great in the past, the service began to flourish little by little, especially with the provision of valuable consumer pieces and according to the latest fashions, which may not be accessible to everyone to buy.

Commenting on this phenomenon, some young men and women see that they resort to renting some luxuries for the necessity of elegance and rust at social events and visits, in order to save expenses, pointing out that leasing has become an approach and behavior not only in luxury cars, but currently includes many aspects of life and requirements that belong to the world brands. Most important items for rent include precious watches, women’s bags and women’s accessories during family visits, treating a girlfriend on weekends and public holidays and other important occasions. The three reasons to rent accessories include – keeping pace with fashion and elegance, desire to brag about wearing branded items and renting instead of buying to save money.

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