Al-Othman Complex in Hawally to be ‘torn down’

Al-Othman Complex in Hawally to be ‘torn down’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 29: A member of the Guardians Committee of the late Abdullah Abdullatif Al- Othman, Eng. Adnan Al-Othman, told the Al-Qabas daily that he intends to demolish the “Al-Othman Commercial Complex” located in the Hawally area (the intersection of Al-Othman Street and Ibn Khaldun Street) next year, and build a new tower in the same plot, reports Al- Qabas daily. He indicated that the design of the project has been completed and a building permit is currently being issued.

The area is 2,325 square meters and the construction of the new tower is expected to cost an estimated of 3.5 million dinars. He added that the construction works of the tower will be completed by 2025 and will be a major iconic landmark in the Hawally region, due to the unique design that combines the aesthetics view taking into account the needs of the market and tenants, as well as the distinctive view of the tower due to its high height.

He explained the tower will consist of two basements and 26 floors, and in order to ensure the basements accommodate the largest number of cars, the car ramp will be replaced with 4 car lifts to save space. The tower will include a commercial center on three floors (ground – first mezzanine – second mezzanine) containing commercial units of various sizes serving various activities (banks – training institutes – medical clinics – telecom companies… etc.), and will feature an outdoor garden hanging at the top of the mall In addition to an administrative tower consisting of 42 offices spread over 21 floors, with two offices per floor. Al-Othman stated that the development of one-third of the late Abdullah Al-Othman property is proceeding steadily to achieve benefit for the beneficiaries of the will and will be a major tributary of charity work in Kuwait and the Arab and Islamic countries as stipulated in the will.

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