3,000 Cross-dressers and transgenders deported from Kuwait this year

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 6: The Ministry of Interior during its extensive security campaign arrested and deported about 3,000 cross dressers since January, from these some of them were transgender. Sources stated that there was strict instructions from the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to clean up the country from homosexuals who imitate women. Security campaign was launched in all governorates to put an end to such practices. Kuwait society categorically rejects this category.

The tripartite commission began inspecting the arrested individuals from all the sites of the companies that recruit this kind of workforce, reports Al Rai. It was found that the majority of such work is done by Asian community who provide suspicious services in some of the massage parlors and some of them provide freelance service at homes to their customers.

With coordination of Asian embassies, deporting procedures of transgenders are carried out and the companies which hire them are prosecuted as it is a violation of labor and residence law. Names of some suspects who obtained visas to Kuwait and the companies that brought them the MOI have already received the list.

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