Media outlets under Info eyes

Media outlets under Info eyes

KUWAIT CITY, April 15: The Ministry of Information affirmed that the relevant departments in the ministry continuously monitor what is published in all licensed media outlets to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the relevant media laws, which will have a positive impact on the level of Kuwaiti media and its message locally and abroad.

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Information, Anwar Murad, said in a press statement on Thursday, that, according to the law, the initiation of legal procedures against news services that violate the law requires the submission of a denial by the party or the person affected by that media outlet, so that the Ministry can take the necessary action against the violating media services.

Murad explained that the ministry is keen to follow all licensed news services as stated in the articles of the law regulating electronic media, and to adhere to taking information from its sources, verifying its authenticity, and not publishing anything that might offend others or falsify facts. It called on all news services, media outlets and media workers to abide by what was stated in the articles of the law in order for the media to achieve its lofty mission and to improve the level of Kuwaiti media in various fields. (KUNA)

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