Flexible work hours to continue after Eid

Flexible work hours to continue after Eid

KUWAIT CITY, April 19: A government source revealed that the meeting, which was held Tuesday by officials from the General Traffic Department and the Civil Service Commission and other concerned parties, approved a plan to implement flexible working hours in government institutions after Eid Al-Fitr, according to a new developed mechanism, reports Al-Qabas daily. The source explained the CSC discussed the final vision of flexible working hours, and will circulate to the authorities the times and the new mechanism after the Eid holiday.

The source pointed out that time slots have been approved for employee working hours, and all government agencies will be compelled to comply with them, with the exception of those working in the shift system and government departments of a special nature whose work requires certain working hours.

The source explained that the application of the flexible working experience is linked to three main institutions — the CSC and the ministries of Interior and Education, and stated that the mechanism that was presented is accepted and agreed upon as it guarantees flexible working hours and achieves the most important goal of eliminating traffic congestion. The source stressed that the new mechanism was approved after a re-evaluation of the flexible working experience during the month of Ramadan. The sources pointed out that defining three shifts for work is similar to the shift system, which will suit parents who are committed to driving their children to schools.

The CSC had informed the Supreme Traffic Council that the flexible working hours system would continue to be applied after the Eid al-Fitr holiday, and then the state authorities adopted the new mechanism. The source stated that the concerned authorities unanimously agreed on the importance of applying flexible working hours in an advanced manner, as is the case in many countries, as a solution to the traffic crisis.

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