First woman for poll; Hopefuls total 85

First woman for poll; Hopefuls total 85

KUWAIT CITY, May 7: The number of candidates in the parliamentary election scheduled for June 6 reached 85 (84 men and one woman) on Sunday – the third day of the 10-day registration period for candidates. A total of 24 candidates registered on Sunday as follows:

First Constituency: 1. Hamad Al-Medlej; 2. Dawoud Sulaiman Ma’arefi; 3. Ali Abdulrahman Al-Kandari; 4. Ali Falah Al-Saberi; 5. Muhammad Abbas Hayat Second Constituency: 1. Ahmed Khedr Al-Anzi; 2. Bader Nashmi Al-Anzi; 3. Hassan Husain Dashti; 4. Abdullah Farraj Al-Harbi; 5. Waleed Homoud Al-Subaie

Third Constituency: 1. Hamad Abdulrahman Al- Alyan; 2. Sami Abdulaziz Al-Menei; 3. Mubarak Zaid Al- Arow; 4. Muhammad Kezem Muhammad Fourth Constituency: 1. Ali Awad Al-Rashedi; 2. Fawaz Mensher Al-Dufairi

Fifth Constituency: 1. Ahmed Muhammed Al-Otaibi; 2. Bader Majed Al-Mutairi; 3. Fahd Falah Al-Azmi; 4. Faisal Talq Al-Azmi; 5. Faisal Abdulmajed Husain; 6. Hani Husain Shams; 7. Wasmi Muhammad Shenaiter; 8. Yousef Marzouq Al-Mutairi

On the other hand, Assistant Undersecretary for Publishing and Media Affairs at the Ministry of Information LafiAl-Sebaie said the concerned team is closely monitoring the media coverage of events related to the parliamentary election slated for June 6. He also confirmed that the ministry is following up the social media accounts tackling the upcoming election. He added a number of social media accounts and media institutions have violated Decision No. 17/2023 on organizing the media coverage of the upcoming election; hence, legal action will be taken against them.

In a related development, Director of the Legal Affairs General Department at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Saleh Al-Shatti disclosed in a press statement that the roster of eligible voters was published in Kuwait Gazette on May 6. He said voters must present their civil identification card and original citizenship certificate on Election Day. He explained the judge will check the certificate to make sure it really belongs to the holder. He stressed that the relevant law stipulates “all measures taken concerning the final roster of eligible voters cannot be appealed.”

Meanwhile, Fifth Constituency candidate Fahd Falah bin Jame’e unveiled his plan to run for the speakership if he wins in the election. Bin Jame’e is the son of the Azmi Tribe leader. In a press statement after filing his candidacy, former MP Hani Shams asserted that the people are now tired of the frequent elections; indicating six consecutive parliaments did not complete their term. He thinks there is a possibility that an appeal against the recent decree on dissolving the legislature will be filed later. He pointed out that the problem is not of the legislature, but the government as the latter dodged its responsibilities instead of facing the lawmakers and discussing the urgent bills.

Former MP Faisal Al-Kandari has no intention to raise the slogans that people are now fed up with. “Enough is enough in terms of personal disputes. The citizens’ prosperity should be our priority,” he concluded. Fourth Constituency candidate Fahd Al- Juwaied disclosed that he will focus on the implementation of political reform. If he wins in the election, he will present a bill on allowing Kuwaitis to complete their higher studies while working. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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