‘Aim for digital society’; ‘Kuwait 2035 Vision’ goals targeted

‘Aim for digital society’; ‘Kuwait 2035 Vision’ goals targeted

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: Fitch Solutions, a credit ratings agency, stated that the technology company BMI recently determined the value of information and communication technology infrastructure projects in Kuwait at a value of USD 27.6 billion, as part of the bidding stages to implement the “New Kuwait 2035” vision, reports Al-Anba daily. It indicated that the long-term development plan for Kuwait aims at transforming the country into a digital society, and will lead to spending USD 17.6 billion on digital transformation between 2022 and 2027.

In its report, the agency highlighted the importance of integrating advanced information and communication technology, such as the Internet, automation, cloud services, and smart city solutions in infrastructure projects. It stressed the importance of pursuing partnership between the public and private sectors in these areas, indicating that Kuwait hosted major companies in the field of technology, such as Oracle, Microsoft and Google Cloud. The report explained that the “Oracle” project in Kuwait, worth USD 250 million, aims to integrate and maintain the medical information system for military health care in the country, and to enhance medical services in the country.

At the same time, Microsoft obtained approval to provide cloud computing services in Kuwait, which supports the country’s digital transformation agenda. Google Cloud has also formed a strategic alliance with the government to present a roadmap for digital transformation through government entities and major state-owned companies, in addition to investing in opening a modern cloud area in the country.

The Microsoft Summit, held in May 2022 in partnership with the Central Agency for Information Technology, was aimed to communicate with a wide range of private and public companies, and government agencies to accelerate the transformation of Kuwait into a smart government.

The summit presented technologies that work through computing to help the government increase future opportunities and improve electronic services in the public sector. In January 2023, the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) in Kuwait issued a tender for consulting services for the first phase of the national railway network. This could include advanced technologies, such as the Internet to improve its operations and maintenance.

Also, Aegis announced it will provide project management and consulting services to develop the smart city of Mutlaa area with integrated cloud services, advanced digital applications, and the Internet. Fitch Solutions’ report concluded by stating that the participation of major technology players and significant investments in infrastructure projects in Kuwait underscores the country’s commitment to diversifying its economy and transforming its society into a digital one by strengthening publicprivate partnerships and focusing on digital transformation. Kuwait is well positioned to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the 2035 vision.

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