KD 180 screen allowance okayed for ‘pandemic time’ Gulf teachers

KD 180 screen allowance okayed for ‘pandemic time’ Gulf teachers

KUWAIT CITY, May 23: The Civil Service Commission has approved a screen allowance of 180 dinars for each teacher from the GCC countries – those who worked during the distance learning period at the height of the corona crisis — working in public education schools similar to their Kuwaiti counterparts who are eligible for this allowance, reports Al-Rai daily quoting an educational source. The source stated that the administrative sector in the Ministry of Education had submitted a list of the names to the CSC and is awaiting approval.

Meanwhile, the educational areas have completed the task of listing the names of teachers who are shortlisted to be replaced and their services will be terminated before May 31. The source said that the financial sector in the ministry will pay teachers’ dues and salaries until next September and not at the end of the year as has been rumored by some sources. In the meantime, the Ministry of Communications has approved the excellent job performance bonus of 2,272 employees for the year 2022, reports Al-Rai daily. The total amount of the bonus is estimated at KD1 million and it will be deposited into the accounts of eligible employees in the coming days – upon approval of the performance assessments.

Acting Undersecretary Eng Ahmed Al- Majren has approved the list of beneficiaries which, for the first time in the history of the ministry, excluded the undersecretary and assistant undersecretaries due to retirement or interim status.

Sources disclosed the bonus amount is based on the job grade and title, in addition to the Civil Service Commission regulations, as follows: KD1,500 for the department director and office manager; KD 1,250 for the observer; KD 1,000 for the department head and office manager; KD 850 for the division head; KD 800 for Kuwaitis occupying first to fourth degree jobs; KD 600 for Kuwaitis with the fifth to eighth degree jobs; KD 300 for Kuwaitis occupying auxiliary and assistant technical positions; KD 300 for non-Kuwaitis receiving lump sum salary; and KD 200 for non-Kuwaitis under the piecework category.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced the launching of social allowance services on the unified government online platform (Sahl), reports Al-Qabas daily. The CSC posted on its official account that these new services are as follows: request to stop social allowance for children, request to stop social allowance for the wife, request to amend the health status and allowance for children, request for children allowance and request to pay social allowance for the wife.

It affirmed that these services are in addition to the existing ones like issuing notifications; request for personal, job, financial and leave balance data; inquiring about a transaction; inquiring about those registered in the central employment system and viewing eight types of certificates. It added that the total number of beneficiaries of its online services has reached 360,236.

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