Power Supply Disconnected from 101 Bachelors Properties

Power Supply Disconnected from 101 Bachelors Properties

KUWAIT CITY, July 11: The Kuwait Municipality’s Committee for Combating the Phenomenon of Bachelors Housing has announced the disconnection of power supply to 101 properties out of the 157 identified properties in various areas. The committee, consisting of representatives from Kuwait Municipality, Ministries of Interior, Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Environment Authority, Manpower Authority, and Ministry of Public Works, collaborated to uncover these properties.

Zaid Al-Enezi, the committee’s rapporteur, stated that ongoing inspections are being carried out to monitor bachelors’ accommodations in both private and model housing areas. Several properties were found to have tampered with electrical connections, resulting in power disconnection. Violations of Decree Law 125 of 1992, which prohibits housing for non-families in private and model housing, Ministerial Resolution 206 of 2009 concerning the building system, and Decree 105 of 1980 regarding the state property system have led to the issuance of 257 warnings.

Al-Enezi emphasized that these inspection campaigns are directly supervised and monitored by Fahd Al-Shula, the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, and Eng. Saud Al-Dabbous, the Director General of the Municipality, reports Al Rai. A comprehensive plan and work mechanism have been established to combat bachelors’ housing.

Furthermore, Al-Enezi urged citizens to report any properties in violation of regulations through the (Ebaladia) application, , or hotline number 139. This will enable the committee to take appropriate legal measures against the violators.

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