Electricity indicator exceeds maximum expected load during summer

Electricity indicator exceeds maximum expected load during summer

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: For the second day in a row, the load index continued to break the barrier of the maximum load expected by the Ministry of Electricity and Water for the current summer, which is set at 16,830 megawatts, by calculating an increase in consumption of 4% compared to last summer, during which the maximum load recorded was 16,180 megawatts, reports Al- Qabas daily. Wednesday, the load index recorded 16,850 megawatts, compared to the load the on Tuesday, which amounted to 16,940 megawatts, as temperatures Wednesday, recording 50 degrees Celsius, compared to 51 degrees on Tuesday.

According to the data of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, water consumption exceeded production Wednesday by 29 million gallons, as production was estimated at 477.8 million imperial gallons, compared to consumption of 506.8 million gallons, and the difference was made up through the strategic reserve, which was estimated yesterday at 3767.3 million imperial gallons. The ministry announced that two main feeders had gone out of the main substation south of Surra AW, which led to power outages in limited parts of Zahra, before emergency teams could deal with the fault and restore power again.

According to the ministry’s figures, the value of the available safe capacity is 17,660 megawatts, while the maximum capacity available in the network during the current summer is 18,250 megawatts. Informed sources in the MEW were reassured about the ministry’s ability to meet the country’s energy needs during the current period, which is witnessing a growth in consumption due to high temperatures. While the sources urged the ministry’s clients to rationalize consumption and avoid waste, through the use of energy-saving devices, whether in lighting or air conditioning. The sources warned of the importance of adjusting air conditioners at 26 degrees when traveling or in unused places, as well as conducting periodic maintenance of air conditioners.

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