Florida’s unusual stolen car stop: 10-year-old found driving on Interstate 75

Florida’s unusual stolen car stop: 10-year-old found driving on Interstate 75

2 Florida kids stole their mother’s car after she took away their electronics and they were pulled over 200 miles away.

NEW YORK, Sept 26, (Agencies): Law enforcement authorities in northern Florida encountered an unexpected situation this week when they pulled over a stolen vehicle, only to discover a 10-year-old child at the wheel.

The incident took place just before 4 am on a Thursday on Interstate 75 in the city of Alachua, as reported by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Remarkably, the vehicle in question had been reported as stolen from North Port, a city located more than 200 miles away in the southwest region of Florida.

In response to the report of a stolen vehicle, deputies conducted what is termed a “high-risk traffic stop,” a precautionary measure, according to the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post.

Upon stopping the vehicle, deputies were surprised to see a 10-year-old boy emerging from the driver’s seat, followed by his 11-year-old sister exiting the car. Further investigation revealed that the two siblings had also been reported as missing in North Port, and it became apparent that the stolen vehicle belonged to their mother.

The sheriff’s office’s post explained the motive behind the vehicle’s unauthorized use: “It was learned that both children were upset with their mother because she took away their electronic devices, which is believed to have been done because they were not using them appropriately.”

Following discussions with the children, deputies ascertained that they had not been subjected to mistreatment within their home. Moreover, their mother, who traveled three hours to retrieve her children, opted not to pursue criminal charges in connection with the stolen vehicle, as per the authorities.

Consequently, the children were not taken into custody. The sheriff’s office clarified that given the mother’s decision not to press charges regarding the stolen vehicle, the only legal issue in this case was a criminal traffic violation, which does not warrant involvement from the Department of Juvenile Justice for a misdemeanor criminal traffic offense.

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