Battle brewing: Jeff Bezos lawsuit faces from ex-housekeeper

Battle brewing: Jeff Bezos lawsuit faces from ex-housekeeper

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NEW YORK, Sept 27, (Agencies): Mercedes Wedaa, a former housekeeper who once worked for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has filed a lawsuit against Bezos and two property management companies, alleging unsafe and unsanitary working conditions. In her November 2022 lawsuit in Seattle, Wedaa claims that she and her fellow employees endured grueling 14-hour shifts without breaks and were required to work discreetly.

One significant complaint in the lawsuit revolves around limited bathroom access for housekeeping staff during the Bezos family’s presence. They had to exit through a laundry room window and take a complex route to reach a bathroom, leading to urinary tract infections, according to Wedaa.

Wedaa also alleges the absence of designated resting areas, taking meals in laundry rooms, and discriminatory treatment against Hispanic workers. She claims that she was demoted and eventually fired after raising concerns about various issues. She is seeking unpaid wages, benefits, and unspecified damages.

Jeff Bezos’s attorney, Harry Korrell, denies the allegations, stating that Wedaa had a leadership position, a six-figure salary, and control over her breaks. He asserts that multiple bathrooms and break rooms were available to staff.

Patrick McGuigan, Wedaa’s attorney, stands by her claims, emphasizing her credibility and compelling evidence. The lawsuit mentions a change in restroom access due to a “security protocol breach.”

A source from one of the management companies involved states that staff had access to break rooms with amenities and multiple nearby bathrooms.

The lawsuit also raises concerns about differential treatment between Hispanic and Caucasian housekeepers. Jeff Bezos’s fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, is of Mexican-American descent, and Korrell dismisses claims of racial discriminations as “absurd.”

The lawsuit remains unresolved, and damages will be determined in the upcoming trial. Jeff Bezos, the third-richest person globally with a net worth of $153 billion, is at the center of this legal dispute.

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